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Are you an artist ? Are you learning to draw ? Are you tired of losing your concentration and the mood by opening your image reference subject ? 

IMAGE OVERLAYER saves you time and concentration ! 

You can open an image with Image Overlayer and it will stay on the top of your desktop even if you're using an other software , this way you can draw and watch the reference image without need for extra clicks ;) ! 

No More Stress !

New Features for version 0_70

There are different new features on this version of the app :)

  • Now there's a right click menu you can use to manage all the options 
  • New Workspace Colors , the Dark theme is much pleasant for the eyes
  • No more WindowFrame , I removed that ugly and space occuping frame 
  • Keep Left Mouse pressed for a while to drag and drop the App Window wherever you want 
  • Now you can Copy an Image where you want (eg. from google imges) and paste it on the app (Right click > Paste , this is going to replace the current image)
  • Now you can decide if you want to lock the app on the top of the other applications or not just by one click
  • The fast window positioning buttons are still there , but now they're on the corners 

New Features for version 0_65

Now the Image Overlayer has some new features ! 

  • IperZooM - Allowes you to zoom even more than before , up to 80% more
  • Tool Section - Now you can add vertical and horizontal lines to the canvas in order to have more references ; use Right Click on them to destroy the one you don't need  or press Delete to remove every line present 


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Image Overlayer 0_71.exe 2 MB